Ace Cycles Winter Series Race 4 – TTT Stage

SeriesAce Cycles Winter Series
RaceRace 4 – TTT Stage 
Date23 June 2020
RouteTBC Monday 18h00
Special InstructionsStandard Team Time Trial format. Captains submit their 5th fastest time. Mixed teams require 2 ladies in the top 5.

Top 10 Men’s Teams

TeamFinish TimeCategory PositionPoints
Wild Dogs00:26:33140
Black Zwans00:27:30239
Bluff Bro’s00:28:05338
Rouleur Tritans00:28:18437
ICG Hammers00:29:08635
My Training Day00:29:09734
Matrix MS Flame Squad00:29:12833
ICG EPO-Boys00:29:28932
Albion Wheelers00:30:001031

Women’s Teams

TeamFinish TimeCategory PositionPoints
Women on Wheels (WOW)00:30:44140
Galileo Risk Infiniti Racing00:31:46239
Zwifty Ladies00:33:54338
Team Qhubeka00:34:40437
MTD Ladies00:35:14635
Matrix MS Red00:36:21734
Club 40+ GSG00:37:25833
Super Girls00:38:08932
Cyco Tribe00:41:171031

Mixed Teams

TeamFinish TimeCategory PositionPoints
The Practice M&M’s00:30:27140
Dark Matter00:30:55338
All Sorts00:30:58437
Big Chainring00:31:09536
Wingman Mixed00:32:01635
ONE80 Dog Show00:33:17734
The 29.999ers00:34:16833
Pure Symmetry Multisport00:34:30932
Team DSV00:34:481031
The Practice Oreos00:35:541130
ONE80 Amazons00:36:101229
MTD Marines00:37:021328
ONE80 Watt Fairies00:38:251427
ONE80 WattsUp00:41:061526
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