Rules and Info

Step 1: Create the Zwift Meetup

Captains create their team’s meetup using the Zwift Companion App

Select the correct start time as per the race start time schedule

Select the correct route. Route and race details available on the race details page

Change distance/time accordingly

Do not enable “Keep Everyone Together”

“Meetup-Only View” must be enabled

Invite your teammates

Step 2: Submit Team’s Result

Captains submit their team’s results via email or WhatsApp. / 0834731930

For standard TTT Stages, your team’s race time will be based on your team’s 5th fastest time

For Standard TTT Stages, mixed teams need to have 2 female riders finish in the top 5 of the team

All riders need to take a photo or screenshot of the meetup summary. No photo, no time.

Different Rules apply for Mountain Stages and ITT Stages where the captains will submit either fastest time, total time of the top 5 or total distance of the top 5.


It’s the captain’s responsibility to make sure that his team knows the rules

No TT Bikes, No Tron Bikes and No Bike Swaps allowed during races.

Maximum 8, minimum 5 riders per team

Team kit and race tags essential, example: Emmanuel Sequeira (ACE)

If a team catches up to yours, let them pass and do not sit in their slipstream

In multi lap events, if your rider gets dropped, he is out and cannot join or assist the team if they come past again

No weight doping, rider weight is in full race kit including shoes

Team may only draft fellow teammates, there will be random cyclists on route. So please ensure that Meet-up only view is enabled.

Power ups allowed

Breaking any of the rules may result in disqualification or time penalties

Keep it honest and have a blast

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